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We offer six different portable shed styles each available for customization and delivery to your property.

Whether for use as a garden shed, a playhouse, an entertaining space, or storage for your recreational "toys" — ATV, kayak, camping equipment, bikes, and more — Eagle Creek Builders has a shed style and available customizations to meet your needs. Small enough to allow for easy portability yet the perfect size for any yard, our sheds definitely do not lack in usable square footage, design, or durability.

Established in 2009, Eagle Creek Builders has years of high-end construction experience that gets hammered, leveled, and drilled into every portable shed we build. As a local, family owned and operated business we do all we can to ensure your complete customer satisfaction.

We can assist with the entire portable shed process from start to finish. We can help you select the perfect portable storage building for your specific needs and available yard space. We will build your new storage shed to meet your exact wants, including all of the customizations that you selected. We will provide thorough explanations on site prep for your yard. And from there, we even offer complete delivery of your new shed — taking care of the loading, transporting, unloading, and final set down; learn more about our delivery services.

Along with our years of construction experience, quality building materials, customization options, and FREE delivery*, Eagle Creek Builders also has competitive pricing, an amazing display location conveniently located in central Minnesota, and allows you the satisfaction of knowing that you have a local product built by a local, reputable company.

There is no better time than now to add "a little structure" to your life — and yard! Your portable storage shed is only a phone call or a visit away. Call us today at 320-533-0199 or stop by our main display location at 32695 Highway 71 in Browerville, we will be there Monday through Friday to assist with all your storage needs and wants.

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Shed Site Prep

While the actual construction, customization, and delivery* of your shed is tackled by our experienced craftsmen at Eagle Creek Builders, the site preparation should be overseen by you or a professional of your choosing. The key factor in getting the most out of your new, portable storage shed is having a perfectly level area to set it on.

A perfectly level site cannot be stressed enough. If the set down site is unlevel, it could cause the shed frame to twist — making doors and windows difficult to open. But not to worry, at Eagle Creek Builders we provide detailed steps on how to create a level foundation for your customized storage shed.

Site Prep / Shed Foundation Steps

  1. Meet Local Building Requirements
    Contact your HOA or city office to determine if a building permit or any other building code requirements need to be met. Obtaining a building permit is the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Make Labor Arrangements
    Determine who will be performing the site preparation / shed foundation — you or a hired contractor.
  3. Build a Temporary Frame
    This temporary frame will be used to contain the base material for your new shed site. Using 2"x4" lumber, or any other sized lumber of your choosing, construct a three-sided frame that is roughly the same dimensions as your shed. Drive stakes into the ground near the corners of the frame and fasten the frame to the stakes. Level all sides of the frame across the corners to ensure the foundation will be perfectly square.
  4. Add and Level the Base Material
    Fill the frame with base material, it is recommended to use Class 5 (road gravel) or granite fines as our base material. Using a straight board, set it across the temporary frame and slide it back and forth to level the base material.
  5. Compact the Base (Optional)
    While this is not a necessary step, using a compactor to thoroughly compact the base material will reduce the settling of the foundation, and your shed, over time.
  6. Remove the Temporary Frame
    Your yard now has a perfect foundation and set-down site for your portable storage shed.

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